New Mega Maps Have Poor Node Spawns

So lovin’ the new mega maps… when I can get resources. The map spawns for resources are NOT good since it appears the map grid generation is now inside an even larger map layout - the map keep spawning resources outside of this build area, the resources are so small that two miners cover the entire area, and the resources are so far apart that making anything efficient is pretty tough.

Spawned a map this evening (with the plateau fix now in) and went to do concrete… except that 1/2 the map has NO Sulfur in the build area… HALF THE MAP - 11 spawns of sulfur are just outside the build area and can’t use them. The rest of the resources are so far apart and tiny that I dont think anyone will be using the whole map.

These new maps need a lot more resource spawning going on - even if I build over most of the spawns it would give the player the choice on where and how big to build - cause right now no one is build anything too big with these tiny or non-accessible resources.

Hopefully this can be addressed… not sure why so much stuff is spawning outside the build area.
Thanks! :+1:

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