New ideas improvements

There are ideas to add a gate for the fence, thus creating a pen, and add chickens, and nests for them it will be more interesting

In this category I will add:

In the fences category: Something that look like the railings of the stairs.
Those will be useful as decoration at porch, balconies and stairwells.

And I would like that wild animal did stay out of buildings.
It looks a bit weird with wild cows indoors.
Wild cows opening and closing doors are a bit too unrealistic to be believable.

I agree with this,you need to add paddocks to the game, or a gate for casting,

I wish my animals would quit picking fights and charging into battle. They make great meat shields and tasty deserts after they’ve sacrificed their lives but they’re sacrifices are always in vain. I had mine locked behind palisades but that doesn’t stop the pirates from breaking through and those pirates seem to want to hit whatever will make you most miserable soonest.

Although if you could tame veliciraptors I wouldn’t mind much then.

In regards to animals wandering throughout your village and into homes - all tamed animals grazing areas can be controlled by setting a section(s) of ground for them to make home.

Bottom left of screen - the ‘2 gears’ > select Animal Zones to create/remove grazing areas.

An option would be to build some fencing for the paddocks, to make them look more farm like.