New bug 5.8.33

Having an issue with the storehouse. Every time I build a new road section, the connector from the storehouse disappears. I just have to move the storehouse a bit to get it to come back.

I came here to report the same bug. At first I thought it was the concrete plant because it was full and not emptying. Moved it 3 or 4 times before I realised the storehouse wasn’t connected. There was also a concrete truck sitting in an intersection. Probably on its way when the storehouse disconnected.

I also have the same bug. But it only occurs when the access road is on the end of the open archway. If on the window side, the access road does not disappear.

Thanks for the reports everyone, will fix this.

Edit: fixed :slight_smile:

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bug my coper miners go yellow after i lace them and stop working

@tlhcpu this thread is about version 5.8.33, which is 3 months old now. Which version are you on right now?

yellow mines mean that the buildings are not placed on top of the correct resource, so they can’t extract anything.