Neural processer overload

Hi again. I have my entire city to lvl 5 and even with 16 neural factories and all the assorted support buildings, it is just barely enough… and now i have to get even more for holo displays and onward? There is no way to produce that many as i would need to grow the city to well over 7000 people to have the workers available. This has to be rebalanced as it is requiring too much to continue into lvl 6. :confused:

Hm, thanks for the feedback. What’s the problem wit 7000 inhabitants? Does it take too long to build the city for them? Or traffic?

I have the same issue… The problem is the game/save file gets bugs around 5000 inhabitants. Like houses get top of each other and Some go missing(2 or more houses having the same coordinate. they don’t show the red outlining like they usually do), undeletable roads, interchange layout changes, etc… Because of the house overlapping problem trucks get jammed. I had to delete all the houses and start from scratch to fix the problem.

Moreover, neutral possessors are used in pretty much every product after unlocking it making it the most needed yet least produced per minute. I got 67 factories (I think the game is bugged or something) only produces around 70 per minute.

Right now I have 5.9k jobs and 6.3k population. For holo displays you actually don’t need that many. I have over 60 neural processors producing 55, I don’t think that’s a bug. That’s the game, it’s supposed to be expansion centered and you have to be good at managing traffic. There are people that get 20k population. I think you can win the game with about 6-7k population.

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That’s the game, it’s supposed to be expansion centered and you have to be good at managing traffic

yes… but that’s not the problem with the traffic. Vehicles try to go to a building that was there, but not anymore due to the strange overlapping problem I mentioned and they don’t despawn either.