Negative Fluid Inflow/Outflow for Oxygen in Pipe Network

Hi. After playing for a while, I’ve noticed that certain habitats do not get Oxygen when hooked up into a pipe network. I’ve (would have) attached a few screenshots that demonstrate this behavior (but this is disallowed down due to my being a new user).

You can also see in the last picture that a tank hooked up into the pipe network is reporting a negative value for both Inflow and Outflow, which is unexpected. Furthermore, there are certain Atmospheric Processors that have an unexpectedly large amount of Oxygen in their outgoing storage. See this picture (in some reply perhaps where I have permission to include it):

I’ve included my 50 MB save game here. I’m playing on a Mac, though I would be surprised if this bug were related to the OS.

LMK if there’s any more information I can provide, and thanks for making such a great game!

Showing pipe connection:

Showing tank display:

And lastly, the screenshot of the badly behaved oxygen tank:

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