Needs not being fulfilled

Each of my colonists has their own room. They all have the same items in each of their rooms. One of my colonists has a -15 for being envious of another’s room. I tried fulfilling something on his bar of what he wanted in his room but he wanted the shelves for food in his room/house. I put one of each he requested directly in his room and nothing happened. His mood is continuing to go down so I can’t remove one of the needs either. I am not dragging pre-built items. I even went so far as to delete my originals and build all new ones and nothing has worked.

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for envious you have to put thing with “beauty” on the room till he’s no more envious ^^

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Hi @Mekins, welcome to the forum!

To add on to Jordan’s reply: You can see the beauty of the colonist’s bedroom by clicking on his bed.
Let us know if you can figure it out :slight_smile: