My play time with the game (free version)

Hello i am UNG , i play a ton of game with either building focus or management , while i was surfing the YT i found a video of someone playing this and followed it to this site , managed to get the free version before the deadline , and i played it,oh boi i played it a lot, probably more than 100h , had many restarts and fails , it was quite a ride, and of course i have some complains , i did say free version but i also followed the alpha 8 release , so it is not that outdated , i had a lot of troubles when i started , so much my first time i managed to actually progress was by starting with two rank2 doctors because my colonist break their arms and legs pretty early and often , building was a problem as the map with irremovable object tends to get in the way , i kind of understand the point is to make thing far from each other, but the Ai dont work well with that , as i had troubles with the colonist not recognizing jobs to be done (work places or farms) because was too far away , the shape of buildings got a little problematic when the game keeps increasing the build requirement, at first i had a communal area , them it scaled to individual bedroom , which was fine but them it asked for individual house , so the wall sharing had to be cancel and later rooms , which i never expected , but my biggest complain ends up being the current “satisfaction” system, where i need to wait for the colonist to ask something so i can gain those points , in my opinion the furniture part should not be like that, the colonist should have a kind of list of the furniture types and when it is present on his possession you gain the points, on the current system i need to wait the demands to put it bit by bit to gain those points, while i wanted to give new colonist a room with all the furniture already inside , but doing so dont give any point and actually prevent any of those request , the new colonist get jealous of older colonist pretty easily , aside that most AI problems with colonist going in other people house to use devices (maybe owning work tables could be a thing to prevent that) or grab a bite , it is kind of irrelevant to make a dinning area if most colonist wants a food dispenser at home , maybe one day we can have priorities in the job , so my 4 farmers dont let my colony starve of cooked food because they want to sit across the map, gather cotton/apples or work on fields instead of making good food , this when the colonist dont keep changing their minds half way . This game has a good future ahead , fixing those problems will surely improve the game a lot , also having some life quality , like a place for people to gather when idle or set to battle .

Hey UNG,

thx for that long feedback. It’s kinda hard to read as you don’t use full stops in your huge wall of text. :smiley:
Yeah, the game needs some more comfort features and more content. We’re working on that. The next update will focus on the Tikigoblins by giving them more gameplay relevance (diplomacy, trading, warfare).
Alpha 8 has already changed quite a bit in comparison to Alpha 7 (free). If you’ve already invested around 100h in Alpha 7 I’m sure you’d enjoy Alpha 8 as well. How far we can go with development highly depends on how much support we get. :wink:

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Hi Rene. Thanks for such a great game!

I have a suggestion to improve your cash-flow…

Why not create a demo version of the latest build as the only available “free” version. Currently it’s basically a full game, based off an early Alpha build. Many people will have put dozens of hours into the free version and experience a satisfying result and stop playing the game without feeling any desire to buy the full version.

If the free demo was time-limited (say three hours or so) it would drive more people towards the fully paid version.

Happy hunting! :grin::grin::grin:

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Thanks I’m happy you have fun with the game!

Yeah, we thought about that. However statistics show, that demos don’t help that much when it comes to sales. People can already buy the game on steam and return it as long as they don’t play much longer than 2 hours. I don’t think making a demo is worth the effort at the moment. :thinking:

Have a nice start in the new week. :wink:


2h is nothing to a management game , maybe you could create a game mode called “Tour mode” where the game moves faster than regular , have less requirement , but also cut short after you get the basics , i wont call it tutorial as people gets offended about having to use, but in this mode, people are guided about the game basics , so having it a static map made to be faster than regular play, so you can get the minimum "how the game plays " in less than 2 hours.

Creating an extra game mode just so that some people can test the game is not possible for us at the moment. I know 2 hours is not much for managment games but it gives you some insight at least. Together with some Youtube Let’s plays, I’m sure people get the general idea. :slight_smile:

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