My Mines and trains are broken

All these mines are full. They have somewhere to deliver to, but won’t go by train. Ill upload a youtube video soon.

Most common causes for resourced not being sent are the following:

  1. Improper train connections. Check if all railways are properly connected. This gets messed up sometimes by the game after you upgrade railways or train stations. Also, check if you have set up train lines. Also, trains don’t run unless there is a closed loop. So avoid dead ends.
  2. Districts are set up incorrectly. It’s easy to miss something when setting up districts.
  3. Overproduction, meaning no resources are being called for, so nothing gets send out.
  4. Bad road connections. Are highway connections directly into the trainstations actually working? I know buildings don’t connect to highways, but I haven’t checked this with train stations.

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