My interactiontransforms and collision boxes are not making any sense to me!

long time no see and I am aware nobody seems to use/read the FF part of the forum, but I’m still trying to make mods and I’m still having issues. Hopefully someone is around and has a clue what I’ve messed up this time.

Currently I am trying to make a small bundle of items and the only thing is that the collision boxes and interaction positions don’t seem to make any sense. I’ve always found them tedious to get right but they just seem to get more and more confusing.

I know that one of the horisontal coordinate axis changes direction (from positive to negative values) between Blender and Unity, but it’s apparently not the only issue. One of the items I made seems to have gotten the collision boxes (three of them, like three walls) in the right places even though I didn’t move the “back wall” in the “right” direction… I have one item where both collision box and interaction positions seem to be scaled by about half (put one of those blue arrows at -2 meters to get it at about 1 meter, for instance), and the next item seem to have a doubled or possibly even tripled width on the collision box instead. But the arrows are where they should be and the depth of the box seem to be right.

I also have three similar items all facing the same direction in Blender and Unity but when chosen in game one of them is facing the exact opposite direction. Easy enough to turn around, but it just doesn’t make sense.

Can anyone help save my sanity? Please?

I think it’s possible that it has something to do with applying transforms (scale and rotation) to items in Blender but I’m not certain. Not even sure how to apply those things in the first place, or whether I need to make my items single meshes first. (I’d rather not do that, at least until I know I don’t want to make any more changes…)

Hi @CharlotteA!

Yes, applying transforms is almost certainly what this is about.
When transforms are not applied, the objects are scaled in the game. And since collision boxes and interactionTransforms get added to the objects, they are scaled as well.

I think the hotkey is shift-a or ctrl-a and then you should be able to apply all transforms.

You can double check that scale is 1 in the top right of the inspector when you look at the object in a unity scene.

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Thanks for the tip on how to double check in Unity :slight_smile:
I started applying transforms a few days ago and ran into some trouble (sometimes I couldn’t apply the scale and rotation for some reason) and also out of vacation so now I have forgotten which items I fixed and which I didn’t!

Hopefully fixed, I should say. Haven’t tested the results yet.

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