My feedback

frankly, the game and great, congratulations to the creator.

I see no bug, just some translation error (in French) the only perhaps small default is, the AI ​​a little bit stupid, and then the camp that make enemies reappear too quickly.

sorry for the fault this game made me play until 3 am and in addition am not English

Welcome to the forum @gwelours glad you’re enjoying the game!
@CdriX and his team have already fixed a lot of translation issues, but you can still post your findings in this thread.

The AI is not behaving as you think it should, you can also write it down :slight_smile:

Well, for AI, it’s just that in combat, when I tell them to run away, it hurts … and that’s all I think AI problem encountered

for the problem of translation I do not know how to say it in writing, so I would rather put screenshots

I put them as and when, because I do not remember everything


Corrected in next update

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good :smiley::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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