My 2 top improvement requests

I have pumped a lot of hour on this game, which I think is fun. Nice to see the devs fixing issues quickly. For me, I see 2 items that will encourage me to come back and play more. First, implement a right-click panning feature. Most games have this feature in conjunction with the use of keyboard to pan the screen. Second, the game really, really needs a copy/paste feature. Every time you want to add a block of buildings or something, you have to keep adding each building again and again. A copy/paste feature would allow the ability to copy large chunks of buildings (or even a city) and simply paste it and make your modifications. These are 2 big improvements that I would like to have.

You can left click and hold the mouse button down to drop more than 1 at time, if you didnt know.

Yup, I know that. It can be kinda sloppy, but I’m aware of this. Still, a copy/paste feature is a rather obvious improvement. A real time saver. :grinning:

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