Multiple Traders

Just wondering why 2 traders keep turning up at exactly the same time? Or are they supposed to arrive at different times and mine are just stuck into a rut?

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but they just seem to do very similar things and there’s only so many scrolls that can be or need to be bought.

This started for me as well, what i have worked out is that the second person (though you have the option to trade with them and whatnot…) is a guard for the trader.

Im assuming this due to the clothing they usually wear (metal hat, breastplate, etc)

Exactly. If your colony is powerful enough, the trader sometimes wants a little extra security is accompanied by a guard.

Thanks for that Daniel :slight_smile:

Didn’t get this far in Alpha 8 before the update - received my 10th immigrant about the time of the armed trader and also further along with my upgrades.