Motor Factory starving for steel

I have one Motor Factory and one Steel Mill almost side by side. The steel mill produces 3 steel to the motor factory’s one motor. Although almost side by side, the trucks bypass the motor factory and take the steel to the store house and only deliver a steel after the motor factory runs out of the one it had. I have no other demand for steel other than the motor factory. Shouldn’t it fulfill the factory’s requirement first?

I added a second steel mill next to the first. Results didn’t change. The game is waiting for the motor factory to run out before supplying.

I’m currently experiencing the same issue. It’s quite frustrating as I desperately need House Robots and production is barely keeping up with loss…

Just let 1 steel mill ( or 2 ) producing for motors and then build steel mills and deposit with no connection to the city.
I build a road between sulphure and iron that is not conected to the city… on that road i put the deposit and there i have the production of steel and concrete completly separated from the city

Thanks for the reports, it’s already on our list. @Arminius’ idea is the most reliable way to get it working right now.

Otherwise FYI: The storehouse and the motor factory both order steel from the steel mills. If you have multiple storehouses, they will clog up the order list more.