More options to design your dream colony!

Hey all,

we’re very busy preparing the next patch which is gonna offer you more options to design your colony while also adding new gameplay features in the farming section.
I thought you might be interested in taking a first look at where we’re headed:

These floor planks have seen better days for sure, I know. But don’t they go well with the (also new) wall and pillars? :smiley:

The closer the better, right? Don’t worry I’ve added some level of detail so the poly count won’t fry your gpu…^^

For the more fancy rooms I created this parquet floor and also added two new wall types that match well with it. You can’t see them here but the next picture shows one of them in its upper left corner.

Why on earth would I combine metal and wood for floor tiles? Well, I just like the style as it reminds me of dwarves. Sorry Daniel I just had to implement it. :wink:

I wonder what you will do with these new objects once we’ve released the update. :thinking:

If you played the game recently you will see right away how different this room is to everything you could bulid before. Two new floor tiles, A new pillar set and the rather rough looking wall. I hope you like what you see.

Last but not least Another close up since I like it so much. :blush:_

So that’s it for now. Tell me what you think! I’m always happy to get some feedback or suggestions what else I could implement in the game. :wink:

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I’m also busy programming some improvements, but they’re less visible to the player :open_mouth:
I’ll see if I can show you guys a visualization of my work sometime.

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I can’t wait to see how you will manage to do that :sweat_smile:

Whoa, this is great. I’m looking forward to it. Already adding a ton of variety aren’t you @Rene I’ll be redesigning my base as soon as this rolls out!


Yeah our game really needs more building options. I can’t wait to see your redesigned base!