More bugs! :d

Oh the Joys! so, a new bug has popped up. Fresh 12.4 patch. New Game. Noticed:

  1. Tutorial is broken. ‘place road near iron and sulfur’ did not pick up the hooks when i layed road next to said nodes. unable to progress the tutorial.

  2. All building call icons still missing (other players have reported this, I just ran in to it )

  3. Most Importantly, Immigration is NOT happening. As mentioned above, new game etc., I have met the requirements, but i’m stuck at base 20 population. Starport says people are ready to move in, 10 people in que to move in, but they just do not. all bugs are bad, but this is deff game breaking.

  1. Had the same thing.
    Turned out, the habitats were missing power. Since there was no icon, I forgot to check for that. Once resolved, they picked up pace.

Yep! I had this too; forgot about missing requirement icons. Installed power next to habitats and problem sorted.

Hmm. interesting that the bug disappears for you guys after placing/replacing power. For me however, the bug persists through replacing electricity.

Edit: It took about 2 minutes runinng the simulation at full speed, but i just replaced the power poles, and now immigration is happening. This is funny because I did exactly the same thing last night and nothing happened, or didn’t happen right away.

Can confirm, that at least for now, Immigration is happening after replacing the power (just the power poles.)

It “may” be something about downgrading. Maybe even level 1 habitats can downgrade somehow.
My own habitats were constantly up- and downgrading, since they were missing power and I was puzzled why the heck they are doing this, since everything was fine. Afaik power istn’t displayed in the habitat-window, so it took me ages to get the problem.
Can’t tell how long it took for the habitats to get “valid”, but since they had different upgrade-timer I wasn’t really paying attention to where the newcomer went. I guess as soon the first one recovered from downgrading, ppl kicked in.

Big update: InfraSpace Terraforming Update Released! - #4 by Daniel

if immigration is still broken in Alpha 12.5, post here again and ping me!

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