Mods for non-Steam players

The issue has came up more than once already so I wanted to ask if there are any ideas to cater mods to players who got the game through channels other than steam. They can use them, as far as I understand, just not take part in the workshop. So they can’t easily download other people’s mods and can’t publish their own. I think it would be great to have a way to solve both use cases, for example a platform where mods can be uploaded for non-Steam players to download them. And they can also release their own mods this way.

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After Muttala broke the ice and uploaded his mod to Nexusmods, I decided to also publish my own mods there.

So if you are a GoG player, you can get some mods from there. Also, if you own the game on GoG and do mods like Muttala, you can upload them there. Steam players can also download those mods and use them in their game, even if they don’t come in through the workshop. Would love to see more content.

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Yes, we deliberately made the modding system work independently of the steam workshop, because we didn’t want to lock anyone out. But, the steam workshop is just an easier way to kickstart a small modding community, so we integrated it with the game.

I’d love to see mods on nexusmods, too.