Modding Tutorial: In-game Developer Tools

The in-game dev tools and help you in two main ways:

  1. Cheats will make it easier to test your creations without having to play so much
  2. The tools will show you information about what’s going on behind the scenes

How to turn on Developer Mode and Cheat Tools

First, you need to turn on dev mode in the settings:

Next, open a game and press F3 in order to activate debug mode in game.

Disclaimer: Your game will run slower in debug mode. That’s normal. The reason is because of the debugging tools that are running in the background.

Now, you will be able to see the cheat menu, giving you access to all kinds of tools:

The Logger

Click on “Toggle Logger” to see any messages from the game. They are only recorded when debug mode is active.


There are different logs for different objects. For example, if you click on a human, their log is displayed. “General Log” contains all the Unity messages and exceptions. Clicking on the lock keeps your selected log active even if you click on other things in game that would have their own logger.

The Object Inspector

One of the most powerful debugging tools, the object inspector allows you to view the data in each object live during gameplay. You can enter it through various ways:

  1. Use the “WorldScripts” or “Mods” button in the cheat menu to inspect these objects directly.
  2. Search for the debugging button in game to inspect a specific game item:


The object inspector is one of the most powerful ways to understand what’s going on. You can not only use it to see the data behind the scenes, but you can also edit it live and see what happens in game. All of the things your program for your mods will automatically be inspectable as well.

does this not work anymore? in 9.1 I tried looking but its not there anymore.

Hi JamesJB,

Welcome to the FF forum :smile:

The mods will only be available when Alpha 10 is released in a few weeks.

The current Mods pages are either for you to read up on some of what will be available and for those undertaking beta testing on the Alpha 10 release.

Shouldn’t be too long, can’t wait myself :sunglasses:

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@JamesJB Welcome.

Roo is right, that’s coming in Alpha 10. If you’re interested in modding, I can add you to the group of early testers though.