Minor issues

  1. Placing or moving a Great Laying Sign does not perform collision checks and the simulation does not experience interference. Other objects - like roads - that are placed so they collide with a Great Laying Sign will detect a collision from their perspective. After a reload other objects will also detect the collision. Great Standing Signs work properly.
  2. Clicking on an immigrant truck brings up the usual path visualization window, but the icon is a white square.
  3. Whenever a habitat upgrades or downgrades, in progress deliveries to that building are deleted. If some residential commodity is traveling over a long/congested path, this can cause it to downgrade all the way to a Basic Habitat.
  4. A mouse-over of a building’s input storage items shows how many are currently being delivered. The number is only updated when the building is selected for display.
  5. The train station corner roads are not at 45° to the side roads so one is unable to take advantage of the new 135° road snapping to keep things aligned.
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  1. Road upgrades are currently free. When in road replace mode, mousing over a road segment shows the original construction cost rather than the replacement cost. Selecting the segment triggers the replacement but no construction materials are consumed.