Mines/Factories Say "Outgoing Storage Full" but Factories and Buildings Say "Incoming Storage Empty" and Districts Seem More Complicated to Help

I have for the past few days of playing my most recent save which is at Tier 6 buildings, more citizens than jobs, materials production outweighing need but I have a major problem. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why “outgoing storage stays full” but a lot of buildings with roads/railroads and many different avenues for materials to get to them say, “incoming storage empty”.

I have tried doing districts, but that unfortunately seems to complicate things more than help, mainly with some materials able to be delivered to cities and others that won’t deliver to cities if they are assigned as a district.

I think these are the biggest bugs/issues that need to be squashed for this game to continue on the great update path that seems to be currently laid. I don’t know if railroads are buggy too, as sometimes materials will pour into a station and then sometimes won’t go into them at all.

I have the same problem, but just with sulphur for some reason. All the others work

have you guys checked if trucks are on the way already? hover over the incoming storage to see the number of trucks currently on the way.

I have some buildings that get resources from very far away, but I also have some that don’t get resources or just 1 truck every ~10min. I am happy to upload the save for you

Hey tuxle. Sure, save would be appreciated, thanks!

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data.estada.ch/InfraSpace/Versuch 12.12.sav

This area is a perfect example for the sulfur:

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thanks tuxle, gonna put it on the list!

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+1 same thing is happening here, sulphur mines are full literally next to an empty concrete factory, iron mines are full next to an empty steel mine. It’s just started happening with the recent update, I’ve tried deleting/re-creating both mines and factories (also roads), no change.

The mines next to the concrete factories are completely idle and the “currently being delivered” number is 0. Now I have waited a few minutes and the whole game is suffering from this, some buildings don’t get delivered resources at all.

Another similar bug (this is on a brand new save) - concrete factory was starving for sulphur just like before (with a full mine next to it), however, eventually it fixed itself, now concrete won’t get delivered to the neighbouring storage facility

I have the same problem here with the iron mines. the production is far away more than the necessity but all my buildings are starving of resources.

I also have problems. Occasionally had them with sulphur and iron mines, but after the update I started a new save and I’m immediately running into problems with my concrete factories. Sulphur is not properly delivered and sand is only a little better but not the way it should be either. Then the concrete is not delivered properly to the storage. At most one concrete factory is shipping its output to the storage at any time and it’s doing so at a show speed. Basically my concrete is racking up at a snail’s pace only, making the new save barely playable.

I noticed that the buildings that get delivered correctly become orange when they are good and green when they need new sulfur in the target view.

The starving ones in the back are always green. Is it possible to to reset the ordering system?

The recent quick fix solved the worst problems with the concrete factory and everything was working for a while. But now my green science factories are starving for sulphur again and really badly so. This started to happen after I replaced my normal sulphur mines with large ones. I suspect deleting the mines did not delete the pending deliveries in the green science factories with them so they don’t ask for more because some virtual deliveries still exist. The green science is also much further away than the concrete. If concrete was further away I suspect something similar would happen.

I did some tests to see what was happening. I Analyse the save file to see if there were like orphan deliveries clogging up the green science factories‘ input but there were really none. The I tried to reset the path calculation by moving the science factory away from the road and connecting again. I also destroyed their input road and rebuilt it. Then I demolished the factories and rebuild them in the same place. I also tried replacing the large sulfur mines with small ones since the problem started after I upgraded my mines, I think. None of that had any effect.

Then I moved one of the factories right next to the sulfur mine and this helped a little bit, but not enough to say the behavior was normal. All the time the other ingredients (electronics and blue science packs) were delivered as expected.

Then I let the green science factories be and went on to build some more infrastructure in a completely different place and also new producers and consumers (but nothing that requires sulfur) and when I checked back on the green science after a while they had been fixed by any of the other work I’ve done and were receiving sulfur normally :person_shrugging:

It seems really hard to pin down what’s wrong but there’s definitely a bug lurking in there. And this bug like his sulfur. So much that he doesn’t want to share it with all other sulfur consumers.

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