Mines can mine on the road

I dont know if anyone has reported this but you can actually build something, a road or building, right to the spot where the mine is mining. Nothing wrong is happening actually it’s just “horrifying” that the hover-trucks will have to pass through the mining wheel.

It is kinda weird. The regular mines take up a 2x2 area but visually appear to be using a 2x3 area, and the advanced mines take up a 2x3 area but visually appear to be taking up a 2x4 area. It’s not a huge deal with most Mines since they’re restricted in where you can build them so they generally don’t overlap with other things, but Sand mines can be built anywhere and the game strongly encourages you to put them right in the middle of your industrial areas. The closer they are to the factories that use their resource, the less travel time (and less congestion) their trucks incur, and you get a pretty sweet productivity bonus for adjacency.

Yeah, seen that. Its clipping like that that really irritates me in games.

The sand mines used to be bigger, but all of the mines dig outside of their footprint.
I agree, maybe growing the footprint is the simplest solution :slight_smile:

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