Mine placed next to highway is connecting to a road on the other side of it

I’ve got to try this.

That doesn’t look right.

Build 9.1.204,but same problem still exists. I tried removing and rebuilding those building but everything I place there is just so stubborn!!!

Buildings - including mines - cannot connect to highways. It is a bug that it will reach across highways to connect to a road, but unless you run a regular road next to the mines, they will be disconnected.

If you notice there is a suitable road for the building’s entrance to connect. Problem is that these 2 buildings “prefer” to connect to the the road on the other side of the highway (as the topic title says)

I’ve seen this as well.
A work-around is sometimes turning off the grid and using the ‘free’ move option allows you to slide the building or rotate it just enough to get the connecter to snap to the road you intended instead of it wanting to reach across the highway like that.

I know I’m a bit late to the party but:

Safe to say this road snapping needs some work.