Meat taking up all the inventory?

I love the function to automatically slaughter any ‘extra’ animals in the colony. However, now my foodstores are overflowing with meat… Would it be an idea to let you set limits to what type of raw food you can keep in stock, similar to being able to control how much of a certain cooked food you keep around?

Hey Maiden, thanks for the suggestion. For now I just recommend keeping the herds smaller so that you produce less meat.

Dear Develepmont Team, the Problem doesn’t only come up with meat, depending on unlocked science the food inventory can be blocked, so you can’t harvest some types of food because other food fills up all avaible slots. That’s a serious problem i would like to see fixed.

This could be easy solved by providing different storage for different food.
P.S.: Otherwise i really like this game…

I guess that the Dev’s would build most games to make you work harder at controlling the flow of goods, to give the game more depth and making us look more at different ways to get around the problems caused.

If anyone wants more storage, then just adding a Mod solves most problems:

The Mod has been updated, with adjustments increased to some containers to reflect both Dev changes and experience over time.