Maxed Out at Last

I finally maxed out my little colony! And right after that there was a pirate attack, no one was injured but the traders haven’t come back since then (maybe two seasons?). The colony is all out of coins and rather miserable right now. I hope this won’t be the end of it. :sweat_smile:



If you’re on good terms with the trader, you can contact them and ask them to stop by. Use the diplomacy (handshake) icon just to the left of the season/year display at the top of the screen. I did that once, and they came pretty quickly.


Oh wow, thanks for the tip! :relaxed: I didn’t even think of doing that, I really never needed to call the traders, they’d show up on their own, even too often at times. Always good to learn something new, thanks again.

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I called them in once when I was desperate for beer (trying to finish a masterpiece inspiration quest thingie). They came quickly, but didn’t have any beer in stock. But my harvest came in and I was able to brew some before the quest expired, so that all turned out okay.

Anyway - always happy to help (and be helped - lol).

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Hi Nevi and welcome :slight_smile:

A great achievement and in 7 years!

Looks like you have a lot of medicines so you will be able to restock your bank account quickly :grinning:

I found that trading with the Goblins helps in generating extra $ - early in the game I check out their ‘needs’ and look for selling opportunities. See what they want for gifts :wink:

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That’s how I completed the first quest, I was lucky that trader was willing to sell me some beer! I was able to skip the harvest part but I bet that won’t happen again, the quests can be so tricky. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll remember that about the Goblins, I’m currently playing in a calm world without any Goblin villages just to learn my ways. So far I’ve learned to trade with medicine and armor mostly. :smile:

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