Materials in need and mine outgoing storage full

I have tried various ways to solve this problem, including connecting only railway, connecting railway and highway, and regional setting, but it is useless. At present, it is found that this will happen to iron ore and sulfur ore. This is my screenshot

Didn’t anyone encounter the same situation?

If the closer mine is able to keep up by itself, the further mine will sit full/idle most of the time until a spike in demand occurs.

Your production stats show that you have plenty of iron ore, so not sure what is in need unless there is some districting going on that is not shown here.

Long transit times cause this too - by the time the iron ore arrives at the destination, the destinations reserve has run out. It’s one thing to have enough production, it’s another to get it to the destination quickly.

If you hover over the storage stats for those factories, does it say that iron ore is being delivered?

Thank you for your reply.

After I created a new game, I encountered the same problem. As long as I adjust the transport difficulty from hard to medium, the problem will disappear. Then it was adjusted to the hard. At first, everything was normal. After a while, the problem appeared again. So I’m sure this is a bug

There appears to be a limit on how many ressources can be requested from a certain area.
If you place a lot of fast producing mines/factories next to each other, some of them will always run full while the consumer facilities are starving. This only appears in the hard difficulty, and only on mines/factories that takes less than 3 seconds to produce a unit. (sulfur and large iron mines, as well as vr edutainment and good meal factories)
The only workaround is to spread out the factories, or provide goods from a second ressource spawn that is further away.
This issue has been around for a long time (game version 9 had this one, it may be even older)

Thank you for solving my confusion. It really only occurs in sulfur and iron mines. As for vr eduction and good food factories, I have other facilities separated from each other and didn’t find this situation. I started playing this game very early, and I haven’t had this problem before. It appears after the terrain patch is updated. Why doesn’t development really solve this fatal problem?

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