Masterpieces Not Appearing

I get a confirmation message that a masterpiece is completed, such as an art piece, but it doesn’t appear in the house anywhere and I can’t find any other place it could be or to build it myself.

Edit: Painting of Good Vibes has failed to appear twice after successful completion of the masterpiece quest chain. The chain says its completed and the award was the painting.

Edit 2: My people are somehow seeing it but it is invisible to me.

Edit 3: I think I figured out one of two possibilities. (1) If the Tool Chest is nearby when the Painting is created, it becomes invisible. (2) If there isn’t a wall directly next to the craft bench when making it, it becomes invisible.

Dumb question, but have you looked at the other side of the wall? Or on a different floor?
If the people are able to see it, it should be visible.

If you’re still getting this behavior with people seeing a painting you don’t, you can send me a save for investigation.

Yep. I’ve looked everywhere. Two other ones appeared later when the quest chain repeated and I put the crafting bench nearer a wall.

I have had a similar situation: Masterpiece reported to be completed, but nowhere to be found.
I did suspect that it maybe was too large to be auto placed, so I decided to go back to an auto save.
And yes, there was an error message saying the game was unable to place the masterpiece.
When I then reloaded and made more space, it (Bed of Tranquility) appeared correctly.

Should I suggest something here, then it would be that masterpieces got their own category under furniture, and then it will be up to the player for to place it.