Making a campfire?

Noobie question! How have I been playing this game for a few hours now and still don’t know how to build a campfire? I’ve run out of raw food (no more apples to gather!) and I have about 112 raw meat but obviously now want/need to cook it. I’ve seen references to a campfire but have not seen anywhere to build one in any of the lists of things to make/build.

I must be missing something obvious. Help? How do I cook this raw meat so these poor folks can eat?

Hi Austruck and welcome :slight_smile:

The Campfire is what you need to start cooking raw foods - in the picture below - its in the ‘Farming’ section. (later in the game you can get a kitchen and bakery oven).

You also need some cooking skills, which you upgrade in your ‘Professions’ - see this post for more information :slight_smile:

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Looks like I have to start a brand new game. Three of my four people died of starvation because I ran out of raw food (gathered all the apples, traded where I could but ran out of coins to buy more) and still can’t cook on a campfire. When I restart I should apparently get that skill ASAP. But I’m unsure of the fastest ways to do that.

Any helpful hints? :slight_smile:

Oh, if it helps, I’m playing a Calm world so I can learn the ropes without worrying about being attacked.

Sorry, a bit slow replying - not on my main computer atm.

Starting playing a new game is always a bit of a learning curve and there are a lot of small nuances to pick up.

Spend a few minutes at the start by selecting villagers that do not have bad/negative attributes.

Once the game has started, try and build near to where you are.
Set up your house, beds and get studying farming asap.

Upon gaining farming skills, build a tomato field 6x6 or slightly bigger and then plant the tomatoes.
If you have time also prepare the potato field ahead of the summer planting.

Forget about butchering any animals in the first year or two, and do not worry about apples unless they are close to your house.

The vegetables (even raw) should easily get you through Winter and into early Spring of the next year.

Getting one ‘Foundy’ to focus on growing vegetables will get their farming skills up to cooking on the campfire.
Also just get one Foundy to focus on research so they can get ready for scroll study.

Try not building up your numbers beyond 4 or 5 in the first year, and no bigger than 6 in the next year. Too many villagers tend to stretch resources and time the bigger you get.

With a population maximum of 13, means you need to leave room for children to grow and eventually to replacing their parents.

I’m planning on posting a more detail answer on a new post in the next few days, with images to highlight problem areas.

hth roo :slight_smile:

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