Loving the Game.....However

I love this game, its cute style graphics, gameplay and ease of access make it really fun to pick up and enjoy. There are a few things though that I would love to see going forward in future versions.

  1. Fishing, Docks and boat building for exploration.
  2. Bigger maps
  3. Hunters, with animals roaming, some dangerous, some not for the hunter to catch for meat and skins
  4. Mines for coal, so coal can be used in the fireplaces (fireplaces in homes that do not have coal will not work and will not warm the house, and also some different types of industry.
  5. Create a festival to lift the mood of the people
  6. Loads more town and house decorations
  7. Relationships between townsfolk
  8. Planting of orchards
  9. Different types of enemy
  10. Caves for exploration and treasure seeking

These are just a few suggestions.

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Hey heizenblog,

Thanks for your nice post.^^
You can find our roadmap on Steam or on our website. https://foundersfortune.com/store/ (scroll down a bit).
There are so many things we could add to the game. Please keep in mind though: We’re just 2 developers. :smiley:
Festivals/ Parties are already included in Alpha 8. :wink: