Lots of waiting?

So - one thing about my recent play throughs - I’m doing a lot of waiting. Waiting for research to finish, waiting for housing to upgrade. Blue and green research isn’t too bad, you can expand that easily enough. But yellow research takes a lot of infrastructure. Housing upgrades take a bit of time regardless.

Would be nice to have more “things to do in the meantime.” Or just have more levels of technology / housing so each step is smaller.

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Is your gamespeed already higher?
That is also possible

Had the same feeling. A more simple wish I have would be more higher game speeds.

I pretty much associate that with the type of game. See it in Civ, Dyson Sphere Prog, Timberborn etcetera. Pretty much any game that has a research and build also has a tendency to have a hurry up and wait phase.

It’s why I always get round to suggesting that they have the game run in background. That way I can have it running on one screen while I work on the other.

Running at high speed doesn’t get rid of the waiting. It just makes it slightly shorter.

Never really encountered a “hurry up and wait” phase in Civilization, there was always something to do. I could always micromanage something. Maybe a turn or two here or there? But never as extended as InfraSpace.

I lost interest in Dyson Sphere, I don’t own Timerborn.

It’s not a deal breaker, I still think it’s a great game. It’s just something I think needs some improvement.

@CobraA1 - If I may drop my two cents here with a quick question:

Are there any areas that could use “efficiency tweaking” / re-design? That tends to be how I burn time, slowly growing and updating different functions as new research completes. Updating power to the newer space efficient versions, taking advantage of that space to update routing infrastructure, replace mines with the larger versions, expanding factory infrastructure to take advantage of the new mines, running numbers to capitalize every last possible resource, etc., etc.

As the industry expands and upgrades, the older areas tend to need some loving attention to keep them up to snuff. (You see that a lot in RCE’s videos too. He’ll add something new only to realize something else has been struggling.)

…Wait a second… Speaking of RCE… Have you tried creating irresponsibly ridiculous contraptions merely to see what the game will let you get away with? I can’t say that doesn’t have potential, at least.

Just edit the save game file and bobs your uncle, you can also boost your concrete and steel while you’re there :joy::woman_shrugging:

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