Long range power and tweaks

With the larger map size, I think we need more practical ways to distribute power than those tiny 19th century telephone poles. I recommend long range power poles for the ugly but cheap and efficient solution, along with underground cables (as suggested by others) for the elegant but expensive alternative. Both of these could be lumped in with the substation as “advanced power distribution” in the research tree.
As for tweaks to the existing power structure:
-Make all power poles confirm to the grid, when it’s activated
-Allow substations to connect from the same distance as a power pole (it’s silly how we have to put a pole right next to the station for it to connect)
-Make power lines ethereal ( a la Dyson Sphere Program) that highlight in the network view. Not only would it look better, but would (probably) help with performance


I always liked my suggestion of power being carried in roadways once they’re advanced to concrete. Having them tied into the substation research would be good as well.

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I would love it when the train tracks would carry power :smiley: Maybe train stations could become power distribution hubs?

especially with the new terrain its very hard to getpower to higher levels

Maybe not concrete but maybe highways or superhighways as they seem to be made out of metal and metal can conduct electricity.

Have the power distribution connected to concrete roads but only after substation research is done. Also add metal to the construction of roads.

Having roads distribute power is a good solution to a different problem. It could eliminate the substations all together. However, it’s useful, even necessary to keep your road and power infrastructure separate. Power is a requirement everywhere, but traffic is something we want to keep as purposeful and unintrusive as possible. Don’t want those uranium trucks to end up downtown, now do we?

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Not looking to get rid of the power poles entirely - just where there are roads.

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