Loading issues

I am having issues when I open up my save files for the game. For some reason, while loading the map at the late init, it suddenly jumps back to the main menu. I never had this issue before, and it was fine a few hours ago. Anyone else having this issue?

Probably a corrupted save file… not much you can to about it.
You can try and e-mail the save file to the developers.

You’re probably right since a previous save file works.

I’ve got the same problem. Loading a saved file ends in a jump back to main menu. I tested all of the backup files. Same with any file saved before the last small update after environment update. If I use a file saved after the small update, it loads but all of the inventury of houses and fabrics is lost, so the habitat decreases in a view moments to level 1.

They fixed that in 11.5. Check and make sure you are updated

Yes, I am in 11.5.231 if you’re wondering

The same thing happened to me yesterday on the new update. Tried loading the save five times, kept kicking me back to the menu, on the 6th it crashed my desktop. After a restart of the PC however it loaded fine. This was all on 11.5.231 as well.

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