Level 5 Problems/Bugs/Sugestions

So i managed to have a level 5 city with 20 habitats lvl 5 ( 60%) and the other 40% lvl 1 not conected with the town to give me enough workforce. ofcourse city colapse right after and the first problem was with good food it was going down majorly. i had to delete spaceport to stop people coming in. after few atemps( when i delete the spaceport before upgrading first level 5 habitat) i managed to balance the city.
Schools points are consumed very quiqly
Some trucks dissapear at the circle( road conection) where is no road conected or the conected road was deleted.
meat factory( but also other buildings) is stacking the resource produced ( saying the demand is 0 ) but in the same time i have meal factories that ask for meat … othe production lines have this problem
when u hit level 5 habitat u get from 18 to 24 people, to reach lvl 5 u need lots of habitats, when they reach lvl 5 it is imposible to maintain their demands. Productin lines need a lot more workers than u have from upgrade. I now try to let 10 people in, then fast delete spaceport, let them balance the needs and then repeat. also adding habitats on the lvl 1 area. i also try to upgrade form 1 to 5, in main city( having no spaceport), this way they dont consume what i give them so the production lines get less stress
About consuming… there is an increased consume rate if the bar is filling
Roads on mountains are like rolercoaster( floating). some roads have graphic problems on zoom out.
there is a line on my right side of image( also on left but is not visible here) that flickered over and over but i dont know if is form the game or my grapshic card.
i think a solution to the problem of fullfil the needs is to reduce number of workers needed for some production factories combined with a lower consume rate and the ability to chose wich habitat u want to upgrade( this way u get a city with diferent level of habitats rezulting in way better design of towns ) now is posible only with level 4/5 and level 1 habitats to be at the same time in the city. another solution is to deposit he materials like meat, computers,robots and vr ( this way u can have the requiered materials to give to people until u get from 18 to 24 ). example u store steel but u cant have trucks geting out of storage to motor factories…
It is an awsome game with lot of potential but it needs more balancing.
I am glad to help with any info or sugestions.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

I just released an update that balances some of these things. Do you have a save where the meat factories have meat in storage that’s not used despite being needed? It could be useful if you could send it to me to have a look. Thanks!

i will but where are the saves?

My build is Level three, but I can vouch for what Arminius has written. It’s not just meat. I had trouble with vegetables. I had two that I put down over and over again and in different locations and they’d just fill with no orders although there was demand.
Trucks disappearing took a lot of rework of the roads. I would build a straight road, then one off at an angle from that to wrap around. Trucks disappeared at the intersection. Same if I build a straight road and later extended it straight. Trucks would disappear at the connection point. They also don’t like the point where say a two lane road reduces to one lane. I’ve had trucks stop at an intersection and sit there for no reason causing a traffic jam behind it.
Lastly, Air Processors are confusing. Two processors across the street from each other. One will have 20 Oxygen with no orders and zero Carbon. The one across the street is the opposite.

Really enjoying the challenge so far (and figuring out how to overcome the obstacles :wink: )
Looking forward to more!

You can find them in C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Dionic Software\InfraSpace.
copy-pasting %appdata%…\LocalLow\Dionic Software\InfraSpace in your address bar is a good way to get there, too.
My email is daniel@dionicsoftware.com. Thanks!

Thanks, I received the save and put it on the list. There are some higher priority bugs to get to first, though.

In the meantime: If a lot of orders clog up one meat factory while the others are running without any orders it can be helpful to delete the clogged factory so that the orders should be redistributed properly.

Daniel: I have deleted those clogged factory’s and they did redistribute to the other factories. However when you replace that deleted factory it became clogged up again. Have tried to move that factory as well. It seems that the number of factories maybe the cause. Still testing to make sure of the outcome.

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