Lazy Forester?

I’m playing with the latest patch and enjoying it immensely.
One of my colonists, a forester, reached level 3 in the skill and stopped cutting down trees.
He stopped working his craft and simply lounges around or spends his time talking to others. The other colonists are busy doing their jobs and some are level 3.
I changed the forester to a different skill and he went right to work. I changed him back to a forester and he stopped working. I can force him to work by selecting trees for him to chop. He will chop down the designated trees but then stops working. He doesn’t have any negative traits. He simply refuses to be a forester. Has anyone else experienced this behavior in their colonists?

I tried setting other colonists to forester and the same thing happens. It appears that no colonist wants the job !

Are there trees nearby? As fas as I know, the colonist have a certain area around them in which they look for work. If there are no more grown trees in that area, your forester won’t do anything. If this is the case, you can manually tell him to go chop trees a little further away.

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You can choose in the Menu in the bottom left corner Areas for the Recources, so you can Assign a certain Area to be cut down, that way you can always see if he has enough to do :wink:

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I use this all the time to make sure they always have something to do: However keep in mind the below…

When using this option: the selection of trees goes away as they cut and regrow. So if this option is used, the player needs to make sure that they are re-selecting their “Chopping areas” after each time the section of trees are cut down. The selection does not include saplings… Meaning that the forest must be full grown “Choppable” trees before they can re-select. (It does, however, include stumps and fallen logs)

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