Keep Getting Complaint of "Floor Missing" and it's not

My people keep saying and complaining of “Floor Missing”, but I don’t see where a floor or a tile of a floor is missing. This happened when I made a bedroom for one of them.

It mean the room of his house don’t have floor double check if you don’t have missed any floors.

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Yeah please double check. Maybe it’s missing below some piece of furniture?

You can also send us screenshots.

I had this issue and it drove me nuts until I figured out what happened.

I had created an enclosed space that was not part of any room, it was only a 1x2 space between two rooms. Even though the peeps could not access this area, it was roofed over the game seemed to interpret as being part of the building interior and caused the peeps to demand it be floored. Once tiled, the complaints stopped.

If you need a screenshot for an example, let me know.

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