Just purchased the game :-)

I just bought the game and I am so excited! Gonna go check out the update…so glad to be a part of this game:smile:


Hey Daisii :slight_smile:
Thx for supporting us! I’m very happy you’re enjoying yourself! If you experience any problems just tell us and we’ll give our best to fix them.
If you don’t mind me asking: What is your favorite aspect of the game and why? It’s always interessting to hear as we want to make sure to develop the game further in the right direction :wink:

Have fun and be sure to share some screenshots of your colony :upside_down_face:

For me, city building type games are the best when they involve building an actual community…homes, workshops, research and the ability to trade and or purchase in and outside of your town. Of course I like the aspect of our lil people having personality, but their moods are still overwhelming the gameplay at this point…at least for me. I feel that I am always so busy trying to meet their needs that I am missing out on trying to research and build. At some point it would be fun for my villagers to steal and/or learn from the enemies. Maybe they can eventually convince them to join my town:-)

Anyway, still loving the game and cannot wait to see what’s actually in store for future updates and content.


Hey @Daisii thanks for the feedback on mood and glad that you’ve been having a good time otherwise :smiley:

got the game two days ago put 14 hours in super addicting


Thanks for your support! :smiley: I’m happy you enjoy it so much.