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Hi, my fellow colonists!
I’m gonna share some bugs || recent observations, but those are rfom the Alpha 7 version. Before you ask me why do I do that? To meka sure those not migrated to the Alpha 9 version (which I cannot test for the moment). So please let me continue. :slight_smile:

  • Sometimes whan my farmer starts to sow something and I’m giving him a new order in that moment - hi slides on his knees to the new point while continuing sowing something all the way. It’s funny but wierd.
  • Often if I double-click on a portrait or click directly on a Farmer or a Miner doing some job, he stops doing it and often switches to another task. It’s really annoying.
  • And last but not least: one day my Scholar decided to get a Lazy Day, but I send him to the reseach stand in the same moment. As a result - I have a working colonist which not supposed to work for the next 20 minutes or so :+1: I guess it’s a bug.
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Hello there, Astatroth :slightly_smiling_face:.
At least to the third point, I can say that this is not a bug, but a weakened form of burnout. So the founder is still to use. The breakdowns of people have different proportions. During burnout you can do nothing with the pawn, during Lazy Day you have to send the pawn manually to work (I prefer simple work then like mining stones or crystals).


Hi Astatroth,

  • I think of it as ‘slinking’. Usually when they are gardening and I need them to do a more urgent task in the gardens. Kind of funny but OK as well :smiley:

  • Switching tasks (for me) often happens when they are tired / hungry / low mood. So just a matter of making sure they are well looked after.

  • Agree with @thomasjohn. More often it happens earlier in the game when the immigrants have lots of issues and I cannot help them out with their problems.

As for Alpha 7 - that was before my time, only Alpha 8 and onwards :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure now what it was exactly, as I recall colonist had a red mood bar. Does Lazy Day differs from Burnout?
@roo, the point is that I send a fully rested Farmer with no hunge to sneak before goblins to gather some apples. He dosent need to go to rest or eat.

Anyway, soon I hope I buy the game and enjoy an up-to-date gameplay :slight_smile:

By the way, I accidentally discovered interesting feature - my newcomer was a Doctor, tried to splint a Forester’s leg and made him limping :slight_smile: Devs, please dont remove this feature :grin:

Hi Astaroth, Yes, as @thomasjohn mentioned, it does differ from Burnout. During a Lazy day the settler will still do assigned tasks, but may take breaks to go relax and it doesnt last as long as Burnout.
whereas Burnout on the other hand - they will not do ANYTHING you tell them to (in-fact you cant tell them to do anything) plus this lasts longer.

There is a possibility to fail splinting with fatal consequences, indeed :smiley:. Seems not high, I hadn’t this in my playthroughs. But if no doctor successfully splint the broken limb, then the pawn will inevitably receive the “humpling” trait after countdowns end.

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Hi @Astatroth. The second point is fixed since Alpha 8 I think.

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