Just a thought

I was thinking since the one thing i get a bit tired of is dealing with range like sending out someone to collect something but its too far and he/she keeps sleeping there instead of coming back home or the order of things like using the well first build not sure if thats still a thing but if here is the thought…
why not allow 3stars to get their action areas defined like marking a Colonist and then holding a key for marking a area (size maybe changed with the mousewheel ?) you want him/her to work in ? and ofc a reset button for that :wink:
that way the defined area could be connected to the settlement for the colonist to get back to as well as the question of like, what whell to use (the one in the set area ofc) you then could also define what to harvest first without worrying that they run off to do something they actually dont have time for.
Well just me thinking, dunno if anything of this would make any sense in your system so. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good Work :wink:

Hm. Do you think the same could be accomplished by disabling the max range for designated tasks? Things like woodcutting, mining and gathering cotton and apples are probably the tasks that are most annoying when it comes to range issues I’d imagine?

well its just a thought so i dunno if it would work out or create other problems