Josh's Feedback

Hi all,
I’m a 56 year old longtime player of simulation games and I wanted to give just a little bit of feedback on this game.
First, I enjoy Infraspace very much and it’s clear a lot of work went into it so far and it’s a fun game with lots to love. In the spirit of “constructive” criticism (pun intended), please permit me to share some thoughts.

What I enjoy the most is when things evolve. This is the reason I first enjoyed the original SimCity all those years ago. Seeing the habitats upgrade (and knowing specifically what is necessary to get them to improve) is both satisfying and fun. Perhaps, when certain technologies are reached that improve existing windmills and solar panels, there could be a visual representation change. If there is already, it may be too subtle for me and I missed it. If there’s a way for other buildings to improve/change over time, that would be even better – but that’s just a thought.

What I like least -as others have pointed out, it’s not fun when there’s too much traffic. While I agree with the developer that this adds to the challenge of the game – I think it would be a little better to be able to resolve traffic jams more quickly and easily. Roundabouts and interchanges might be researchable and perhaps something simple like traffic lights??? I’ve tried to understand why some lanes of traffic just continue to get backed up – even after I add multiple turning lanes to intersections or replace the roads with six-lanes and set all three lanes in a direction to “thru” traffic. I’ve seen weird behavior such as trucks crossing the intersection only to turn around and cause a traffic jam in the opposite direction or the driving side temporarily changing from right-side (as in the USA/Europe) to left-side (as in the UK/Singapore). This last one seems to be easily resolved by changing some of the lanes through the intersection. If traffic lights were added, it would seem that we could allow all the lanes north-south (and right-turns) to proceed, then the N/S left turns, then east-west, etc. If there were main roads with more traffic than side roads, perhaps we could set the priority. The most frustrating is when it seems like traffic should be moving but everyone’s waiting for one truck to make a left turn but it can’t because it’s waiting for a lane to clear - that in turn is waiting for an intersection up ahead to clear!

Other than that, I really enjoy this game and have played for many hours. Thank you for creating such a fun game that’s so much fun even before its formal release!

Thanks for the feedback.

Traffic is a huge challenge in game design. On the one hand, interesting problems arise organically and solving them can feel very satisfying. On the other hand, the right solutions are often not intuitive to players (don’t use a lot of intersections on mai roads, forbid left turns and create turning lanes with one way roads, structure your city in terms of highways, main roads, and small roads, don’t place buildings on main roads or highways).

Besides using one way roads and lane configs a very useful tool in the game right now are the highways. Used correctly, they can allow traffic from far away to skip a lot of intersections in the inner city. I’m planning to unlock them earlier in the game so players can make better use of them.

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Also, I’m glad you enjoyed it so far. I’m hoping InfraSpace will be ready for Early Access soon :slight_smile:

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