Japanese, Czech, and Dutch Translations in the next Update

This Friday I’m going to release the next minor update for Founders’ Fortune and it looks like we’ll be able to include both Japanese and Czech as new languages! Great job and thanks a lot @namidasechi @nanimonaiyo @Tarae1488 @asaterian!

@namidasechi @nanimonaiyo, 2 things:

  1. we needed a special translation for “Japanese” in Japanese in uiGeneral.json. I added it as “日本人”. Please change it if you think something else would be better. This has to be changed for all languages of the translation: https://github.com/Ponzel/FoundersFortuneLocalization/blob/5da31afcab33a8fdd5910cc31d6c2b79d80e98df/uiGeneral.json#L1792

  2. If you want, add your names to the credits so you’ll appear in the game credits as well! (https://github.com/Ponzel/FoundersFortuneLocalization/blob/master/credits.txt)

Also thanks @Mickey103 for your work. The Dutch translation currently is at 97,5%. If you want to finish it up before Friday, I can include it in the update :slight_smile:

Hello Daniel.
I think there are some wrong Japanese translations in the file.
If I find the wrong Japanese translation after release,
I want to correct the correct Japanese translation.
Is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible.

Any changes are released to the players when we make a minor update, which could take a couple of weeks, but for most translation issues, that’s ok.

I have almost completed the Japanese translation.
Please update in the next putch.

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Thanks, will do!

The next update might take a while because it’s going to be the 1.1 update, but I’ll be sure to include any translation changes and fixes.

Well done namidasechi :slight_smile:

I meant to reply yesterday and forgot :blush: