It wont let me upgrade to small town

I just upgraded everything in the settlement upgrades and it wont let me go to the small town upgrades. what do i have to do to get there

On the left side of the screen, click the second button from the top. This shows your city level, you current number of people living in each level of house, and the goal to unlock research. Raise the level of your houses by giving them the items they need at the rate they need. Click on a house to see what they need. Houses upgrade after 1 minute with all needs are met. To get to small town, you need to deliver oxygen, survival food, and home appliances to your houses so that they can upgrade to Nice habitat, and then maintain the supply those items so that your houses dont downgrade. You’ll need a minimum of 25 level 3 houses with 12/12 people to meet the city promotion requirement.

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i have upgraded all the house to their need and they are ask for parks and stuff and i dont have that unlocked yet

Then you need more people living in level 3 houses. On the ‚ÄúCity Level‚ÄĚ menu, how many level 3 citizens do you have?

i figured it out. thanks for the help