Islands,many Islands

And there is a problem, often in the generation of the world there are islands, Large, sometimes the whole island is divided into 2 parts(very rarely), and the colonists can not get there, and because of this, then you have to create a new world, etc. (maybe ships are needed for this?)Version12.2

Actually ships were available with the full game release back in Dec 18th 2020 :slight_smile:

One thing is a problem for me - multiple islands with resources and animals.

Though we can Mod our way out of the problem, it would be nice to have a standard game feature that allowed for a simple bridge to be built across to access the resources.
Either that or remove islands all together.

One recent map had 2 islands with sheep on one of them and multiple iron and stone ore deposits on the other. There were no sheep on the main big island and little iron ore. It seemed a bit pointless…

I know its an artifact of auto generated islands, but I still like to whinge occasionally lol… :crazy_face:

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