Is Snapping to already existing roads gonna be added

I really love this game but I’m a major neat freak, some sort of ability to snap to the edges of buildings, already existing roads, resource deposits etc. would be absolutely amazing

Right now my biggest annoyance is getting those 90’s on roads just right.

@possiblespy thanks.
Don’t the roads snap to already existing roads? Maybe I don’t exactly understand what you want to snap in which situation.

@fantasmoofrcc does the 90° snapping not work all the time or is it because of the uneven terrain?

@Daniel the 90 degrees from a road work fine. When wanting to end the road on another road at 90 degrees, it will snap to an existing “node” (blue circle) if it’s near, or it’s granular guesswork. The 45/90/135/180 degree tooltip at originating intersection disappears as well.

I came here to post this same question. I thought I was doing something wrong. Being off by a few degrees when connecting roads causes the city blocks to drift over time. Some blocks start narrowing or widening with the drift. It drives me nuts. Please, fix this issue.