Is RCE's non-use of the grid crazily aggravating to anyone else?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Real Civil Engineer’s vids on this game. Watching them is so frustrating though. Fuck man, use a grid once in a while. I understand his builds are intended to be unorthodox, but watching him try to fit buildings into spaces slightly too small because he has kinked a road or two is so frustrating. Love you Matt, but for fucks sake, use a bit of clean organisation.

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Ye, kinda with you. Some organization is needed

I don’t use the grid either. I don’t like it when the game takes my mouse control away!
Drama aside, sometimes I like it when there’s limited organisation
It creates interesting problems to solve ( I guess like over 9000km of trainlines?!?! )

The grid is for architects.

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