Invited the neighbours over for lunch :P

Since early in the game I’ve got along with ‘the mysterious people of the moon’ whom live very close by, so I thought I’d invite them over for lunch…

Now how do you get them to go home ? :smiling_imp:


they go home alone when they end their lunch xD

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Idea: How would you like a feature where you could invite them over for party or to eat dinner together, so you get relationship points?


oh, that sounds nice!

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Hi Daniel,

Like both ideas:

When throwing a beer party, it would be good to have a larger crowd and add a bit of fun.

Eating dinner together after doing a trade deal would be great (as happened accidently in my game) and I like the idea of adding relationship points. Adds another level to a great game and can’t wait for the relationship feature to be added :slight_smile:

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Beware of drunk fights :slight_smile:

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