Introduction of Currency

From the look and feel of the game, I have the impression of a hybrid of Anno (industry and house leveling) and cities skylines (traffic management). However what the game currently misses is a money system - which shows why money is actually in the aforementioned games:

With earning money by taxes etc. pp. and needing to pay upkeep and building costs when setting up buildings, a lot of depth can be added to the game.
Currently, there is no incentive to invest in new buildings and productions chains for habitat improvement before you researched all of them. It’s even worse, you have no incentive to build them before you have the appropriate amount of habitats for going to the next city level. You don’t even have too much incentive to use the proximity bonuses, since currently they mostly reduce the amount of buildings you need to build, but since buildings have no upkeep, this is not an issue (maybe except for the higher tier buildings where the amount of workforce needed might become an issue if you disregard it; but currently I have a level 5 pop and only use up ~50% as workforce easily). I also never had any issues with workforce and would assume, handling the game with the available workforce is currently not a big challenge. (currently playing at medium)

If you had a currency system, there would be a lot more tools and tweaks to balance the game and introduce challenges. Upkeep and taxes can be balanced. And of course happier citizens would pay more taxes (i.e. there is always an incentive for building additional happiness buildings / production chains, to increase income).

Just a suggestion and I don’t know if at this stage it’s still feasible, or if it was a design choice to not use currency. So far I have fun playing the game, even without money :smile:

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I can’t say I’m a fan of this idea. Wouldn’t money indicate that outside trade? We’re using the resources and producing everything needed. How would the money actually be used? I mean, money for money’s sake is meh to me.


You can always make up a perfectly fine reason for money. The workers might need to be paid (explaining upkeep) and pay for the goods they consume (so you get a consumption tax). Making the building cost something might just be paying for the additional workforce needed.
You don’t need outside trade for this.

In the real world having money is always a good mechanism to give people incentives to actually go to work instead of just spending their time hanging around doing nothing. The money makes the local economy work - even though what we actually play is more of a strict communist system, where every citizen is allowed to consume a certain amount of resources and not more. (even in games like Anno, there is no idea of prices and thus consumption of goods actually changing over time depending on supply and demand)

I mean in some way, currently this is done with the workforce. And I would guess that in the lategame, workforce in a hardgame is actually hard to manage properly because the high end stuff needs a lot of resources.

But again you might easily counter this by simply adding workforce in lower level buildings, instead of making your production more efficient. The slow progression curve of habitat sizes makes this a quite easy fix if workforce is needed. And after reaching enough workers for unlocking the research, there is no real incentive to actually have more citizens on higher level.
As I said: a well balanced money system can add a lot of depth in all phases of the game.

Money just doesn’t make sense. You can justify it with all the rhetoric, but do we really need another capitalism simulator too? The game’s not done yet, and they have more changes incoming. I vote no to the money and will straight up quit if I have to deal with it.


I really like that money is not a factor in this game. It’s similar enough to Anno as it is. It doesn’t need to be the same. If I want to play Anno, I own 3 versions of that already.


Hello, and thanks for your idea, you can still take concrete etc as the currency of the game since you can’t do nothing without it and it’s the first resources you learn (idk if i’m clear sorry)

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