Interchange/intersection designs

Since nobody’s made one yet I thought might as well go ahead and do it. I’ll start:
No Weave Cloverleaf.

Only merges are on the leaving roads, no merges in the interchange itself. Also removes having to switch lanes.

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My attempt at a parclo, notice how its straighten and not curved, it honestly gives it a cool aesthetic, although its obviously less realistic.

Edit 1:It works btw, it eats traffic like there’s no tomorrow, at least way better than anything else i’ve done, but it needs a lot of set up, if anyone is interested i can share how i’ve set up this :slight_smile:

Edit 2: fuck it, i’ll share it anyways cause the post on top shows how theirs is done. Hold on to your seats, here we go:

Edit 3: i can only put one image per post, so here go 5 post i guess

Edit 4: i can only reply thrice, so i can only put 2 images of the set up, i hope you can do the rest, the especially tricky one is the traffic light one, the rest are pretty straight forwards

The best Intersection is a Train station.
Four incoming roads, four outgoing roads, and two Trains standing inside the station distributing the trucks.

Made a Parclo. Highway-road lefts use loops, and the road-highway lefts turn normally.

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