Interacting through a wall

Just noticed that my people are getting food from storage through a wall. As in, the food storage is inside the main house, my people are standing outside the house, reach through the wall (not a window) to get something. Which is odd… :wink:

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Addition: they can build through walls too.

I kinda like that they can build 1 tile through a wall, it looks ok and helps with tedious pathing but they probably shouldn’t be able to grab food through a wall

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I agree, the building is very useful, but not sure if intended.

I haven’t seen them interact with anything besided food through a wall, but to me that seems just very odd

I had a wounded guy carried to his bed through a window. Thought it was cool actually :slight_smile:

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Using the circled chair makes the colonist stand up outside 100% of the time, even if their path takes them inside.

The “reaching through window” thing happened accidentally, but I left it in by purpose.

Building through walls is semi-ok. It’s not perfect, but Founders’ Fortune will not try to make this system perfect. The Stonehearth devs had all kinds of trouble trying to make it perfect, so we’ll not go for perfection here.

The eating through walls and standing up -> teleport through wall things should be fixed though sooner or later. It’s on my list with medium priority.


First of all - thanks for a great game! Waising hours on it literally :slight_smile:
Besides colonists can eat through the wall, goblins are also are ruinung house interiors from the outside, just through the wall.

Thanks for the nice words @Astatroth.

What’s your game version?

Alpha 7 for now, but I’m looking forward to buy the early access version from steam.

Ah, that explains it :smiley:

In Alpha 9 I made a lot of improvements to the “interact through wall thing”. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re getting there :wink:

Great, gonna try it as soon as I will be able to :slight_smile:

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