Instalation on Linux (ubuntu)


I would like to install the game on a linux distribution (xubuntu).
I tryed with wine, but it does not work…

Did some one an installation which work?

Thanks for your help and support


There is no install, start the game directly from the *.exe

It’s hard to tell without knowing how it fail. It just doesn’t start? It appear as a black screen? It report a error message?

I believe in wine you have tools that will help you run windows native programs. If not I suggest you look for answer “how to run windows programs in ubuntu” in google. It’s a long shot to find a ubuntu user here :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum @Mr_Zig!

During the Alpha, we don’t officially support Linux, to make development faster. However, a guy on reddit got the 32 bit version working on Fedora:

Other than minor issues, Alpha 7.5.1 seems to work okay under wine 4.6 (grabbed the zipped version). There are some minor glitches but nothing game-breaking. Virtual desktop is recommended to avoid alt-tab and other window manager issues (its a Unity thing).

Native Linux version would be preferred tho, even if not really supported. Shouldn’t be too hard considering the game is using Unity.

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Awesome, thanks for the info!

Yes, linux is on our list and shouldn’t be too hard. At the moment we’re focusing everything on making the game better, but once it’s more stable and there are no longer so many new features with each update, we’ll probably support both Linux and Mac (I have both of those installed on test machines).