Infra: top level accomodation size different to others (goes red)

After finally getting past having to restart every 2 minutes (well done Dev’s) I have reached the final level of housing. Since I have stacked building close, about every second building goes red and does not seem to be able to be jiggled in to a better space so I have had to move them completely out of the area.

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I encountered the same bug, but already with level 5 housing. Happened several times, but I got a screenshot of just one of them.

My game version is Alpha 8.1.184

the problem is the electric line passing through

But then, why does this only happens, when a house gets upgraded to an higher level, but not when I (re)place a building or the power pole? Cause I have many more buildings with electric lines going through them without turning red. I am even able to place new electric lines that are passing through buildings.

hm i think a glitch maybe :thinking:

This is a collision detection issue. I get it all the time when buildings upgrade to level 5 and 6 - especially if they are on uneven terrain - because they ‘lean’ into each other when they reach a certain height.

This is because the hitboxes of upgrading habitats grow…somewhy?
I encountered this too, but a bit of fine moving and it was solved.