IndieDB article about FF game design: "Breakdown or Bliss? Coupling progression with psychology in Founders' Fortune"

Hey guys, thought some of you might be interested in a behind the scenes look at the game design of Founders’ Fortune.

In this article, I’m talking about the challenges we faced when we wanted to make colonist psychology a major gameplay element and the solutions we tried until we found something that fits.

Let me know what you think.

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This was a really interesting read, thank you! It’s really nice when developers share the rationale behind the way that mechanics are implemented and how they fit into the goal of the game. It also helps other indie developers when thinking about their games!

On this topic, I also really like Dwarf Fortress’ implementation of psychology which manifests great detail and character of a person in the thoughts and preferences screen.

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I’m glad you found it informative @Shasaur. I think DF’s detail is not suited well for most games, but of course it’s in the DNA for DF :smiley: