Incorrect selling price

I noticed that the apprentice crafting costume says the selling price is 200 yet the trader only gives 170.
I haven’t noticed if others are also wrong but maybe it’s worth checking them all :slight_smile:Or is it a reutation thing with the trader? In which case it should probably give some alert that that is the case :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ve asked a discount to the traders guild ?? or a bug :thinking:

There seems to be a 15% discount going on here…

But the Trader shouldn’t be receiving the discount? Or is something else amiss? :thinking:

Seeing that all my discounts with Trader and Goblin are 15%, it would seem to be an error for the Trader to receive this :frowning:

Hey Yuhg, you haven’t be chopping the head of Traders recently :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe the discount is a 2 way (for trader AND you) ?

Ok this one sound like a bug for me :o

Correct me if i am wrong, But I think i have seen that different traders (its not always the same trader) have different sell and buy prices? (They also buy and sell different items) This makes sense to me as that is how it would normally work in the real world. Ill keep a closer eye on this in my next play-through.

If this is the case i see it as: 200 is the MOST you COULD get out of selling that item, and some traders may pay more or less based on your relationship with the guild. (Again, not 100% sure, I could be wrong)

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No trader-robbing shenanigans going on here! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve needed to keep him sweet, as I have had to eradicate 3 of the 5 tribes surrounding me in order to survive and make it through the tough times.
I am cycling through the items that I can, in order to see if there’s a pattern with the low prices.
I didn’t actually realise that there were different traders, as they look the same and offer the same and all belong to the same guild. So you’d imagine they had a pricing structure they stick to to avoid a bad rep! :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, the price of 200 I noted was in the crafting panel, not the trader panel, so there’s either a typo or an error somewhere. It’s not a game-breaker - just a bit annoying when my greedy, moaning, rarely satisfied little bastards demand so much salary these days :smiley:

Fixed for Alpha 10 :slight_smile: